About 0.3 million citizens received smart land services in eight months

Around 300,000 people received land-related services through the Citizen Land Service 24/7 helpline by calling 16122 in the first eight months of this year.

Meanwhile, around 12,000 messages and comments have been answered on the National Land Service’s Facebook page.

A review by the Department of Lands revealed the information, according to a press release on Saturday.

The national land service hotline and Facebook page have greatly reduced the cost and suffering of people. Abuse of power and corruption by unscrupulous government officials has also decreased.

The Ministry of Lands, with Minister Saifuzzaman Chowdhury at the helm, is working to implement one of the goals of digitizing land management: “Citizens can get land services without going to the land office and no one shall visit the land offices except for mandatory requirements”. .

Popular services of Citizen Land Service 24/7, operating under the supervision of the Ministry of Lands, include: receipt of rights registers (ROR/Khatiyan/Porcha) and land maps by mail to doorstep, payment ROR and transfer fees and land development tax from anywhere, application for transfer, queries on land laws and regulations and receipt of various complaints, etc.

The helpline, launched by Lands Minister Saifuzzaman Chowdhury on January 5, also provides information on land acquisition, transfer, land development tax, settlement of Khas land, acquired property, abandoned property, surveying and registration hall, Jal-Mahal (water bodies), Balu-Mahal (sand quarries), Cha-Bagan (Tea Estate), Haat-Bazar (Market) Management, etc. , adds the press release.

Gregory M. Roy