Brown & Bigger Land Office at Crow & Co

Today’s episode of Throwback Thursday takes us to the southeast corner of Sherman Avenue and Main Street. In 1872 two of the first settlers, contractors and builders of the town of Hutchinson moved to Hutch and teamed up to open the Brown & Bigger Land Office. They were commissioned by the AT & SF Railroad to sell lots outside the railway right-of-way to help the new town get back on its feet.

John B. Brown was mayor of Hutch from 1874 to 1875, built the opera house in 1882 and the Commercial National Bank building in 1887-1888. Leander A. Bigger was born in Ohio, served in the Civil War, arrived in Hutch in 1872 and became vice president of the First National Bank and was mayor of Hutch in 1888.

Brown & Bigger were land agents, real estate agents and loan officers. They opened at 10 1/2 N. Main in 1874. Business was going so well that they constructed the brick building at 2 South Main and moved their offices there. It opened in 1882.

Since then 2 South Main has been Athay & Craig Druggist, ML Klinek Drugs, Duvall Pharmacy, Barritt Jewelry, Torrence Jewelers, Friesen Jewelers, Autoexec Systems and Bluebird Books.

The current business is Crow & Co, which opened in August 2020 and is owned by Sara and Larry Crow. The building is owned by Wray Properties LLC and MLD Investments LLC

Crow & Co opened in August 2020 at 2 N. Main.

Gregory M. Roy