CanQualify and BearKat Land Services team up to help you

LEHI, Utah and MIDLAND, Texas, March 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CanQualify Contractor Qualification Service and BearKat Land Services have mutually agreed to assist their clients by referring such clients to each other in case of need.

CanQualify, based in Lehi, Utah, speeds up the process for companies in many industries, including energy, who must vet and qualify contractors before allowing them on-site. Relying on CanQualify’s verification of qualifications, including any required certification, bonding, experience and training, can relieve hiring companies of the need to collect this information separately about each contractor they hire. And CanQualify does it faster, more economically and more efficiently than its competitors.

BearKat Land Services, founded in 2014 and based in Midland, Texas, with an office in Dallas, provides comprehensive land and right-of-way services primarily for oil, gas and renewable energy companies, in addition to state agencies. and federal.

BearKat Founder John Dobbs said, “Often our clients engage us to acquire land rights for the development of oil and gas wells, solar and wind projects or rights of way for pipelines, power lines or roads. When our work is complete, clients often need contractors on site to complete construction or other tasks. These companies and individuals should be vetted for any licensing, bonding, safety training and more. So when we refer them to CanQualify, it saves them time while giving them peace of mind about hiring these people. »

“Contract labor is the future, and CanQualify makes a big part of that option simple,” added Dobbs.

CanQualify’s Vice President of Business Development, Robert Hacker, added, “While our business is active in many industries, we see oil and gas as a significant growth opportunity, especially as the country emerges. pandemic-related closures. We want to help our energy customers increase their production, and our partnership with BearKat will streamline their efforts. »

He continued, “If John has a customer who needs to hire subcontractors for the pipeline, those subcontractors may already be in our database. Alternatively, we can prequalify them the same day if all their insurance, safety manuals and other requirements are in order. Many of our competitors take weeks and charge thousands of dollars to do this.

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