Crow Wing County Land Services begins annual property review – Brainerd Dispatch

BRAINERD – Crow Wing County Land Services will begin the state-mandated “quintile” process of physically viewing 20% ​​of land parcels in the county for property assessments beginning in 2023.

State law requires each county to review properties annually to verify the accuracy and completeness of assessment records used to determine property taxes. This year, real estate appraisers will see about 8,000 parcels across the county.

“Homeowners will see appraisers verify information about their property, including size, quality, property status and conditions for improvement,” Sandra Brueland, supervisor of the real estate appraiser, said in a press release. hurry.

Assessors will also be able to answer property owners’ questions about the property tax process. Assessors will still display their county ID badges and vehicles will display county markers.

Business cards will be left for clients if no one is home during the visit, and some clients may receive a follow-up letter requesting an inside review if needed.

“We are committed to fairly and accurately valuing property for tax purposes. Annual property physical examinations are an essential tool for maintaining accurate, uniform and consistent property valuations,” Brueland said in the press release.

Information from the 2022 exam will be reflected in the 2023 property tax assessment. Property assessments are primarily determined by analyzing sales information for similar properties throughout the county. Official notice of the 2023 assessment will be mailed to owners from March next year.

Owners can contact the office at [email protected] or 218-824-1010 with any questions they may have about the assessment and classification process.

Gregory M. Roy