Department of Land Services reminds lake service providers to take action to prevent the spread of AIS

For Chief Tomahawk

LINCOLN COUNTY – The Lincoln County Department of Land Services recently reminded lake service providers to take steps to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species (AIS) from spreading.

“Open water season is fast approaching,” a statement from the department said. “Docks, boat lifts, rafts and other water structures will soon be installed at a rapid pace. Although this is an extremely busy time, it is still important to take special precautions where possible to help prevent the spread of AIS.

The department said lake service providers in the Northwoods should remember to properly clean and sanitize equipment before moving to another body of water, inspect equipment for aquatic vegetation, mud, sand, mussels and snails, to remove anything that might be found and dump it on shore, to drain any excess water from the equipment before transport and to dry the equipment when it is possible.

“The Lincoln County Department of Land Services also encourages a thorough inspection of equipment being installed,” the department said. “It is important to note that some equipment, docks, boats, etc., are purchased second-hand. Therefore, these items may have been recently in a different body of water and should be checked carefully.

For more information on preventing the spread of AIS, contact Tom Boisvert, Conservation Program Manager, at 715-539-1054.

Gregory M. Roy