Executive Director, Native Title and Indigenous Land Services

The Department of Resources has a clear goal: to help the community and government make the most of our renewable and non-renewable land, mineral and energy resources.

Partnerships with our customers and stakeholders are important to us as we strive to deliver policies, programs and services that support the industry while reflecting the needs of the wider community.

A key function of the Department is the management of the state’s response to the resolution of Aboriginal title claims, the negotiation and enforcement of Aboriginal land use agreements, and the granting and leasing of land to Aboriginal people. and Torres Strait Islanders. Aboriginal title is essential to Queensland’s path to reconciliation by preserving Aboriginal culture, values ​​and traditions. As part of this ongoing commitment, the Department is seeking to appoint an Executive Director to lead the Aboriginal Title and Land Servicing team.

Reporting to the Deputy Director General, Lands, this role plays a critical role in ensuring that whole-of-government priorities, public policy and community perspectives receive strong and appropriate attention, for decisions that will have broad implications for government and our community. .

To be successful, you will have demonstrated strong professional leadership and management abilities and a high level of political astuteness in highly sensitive environments, as well as exceptional facilitation and communication skills. Your experience in implementing public policy on behalf of government as well as developing collaborative relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities will also be an advantage in this role.

For further information please contact Ryan Webster on 0427 329 443 or Mel Syron 0414 748 300 or visit www.davidsonwp.com

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Gregory M. Roy