Government strives to bring land services to people’s doorsteps: PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said on Wednesday that his government has tried to put land-related services in people’s hands to reduce their suffering and harassment through digitalization of the land management system.

‘. . . People shouldn’t be harassed, people shouldn’t be subjected to suffering rather we wanted to make arrangements to bring them land services, keeping in mind that they (the people) don’t need door-to-door for it,’ she said.

She said this during the inauguration of Bhumi Bhaban (land construction) and other development activities as the main guest.

Joining virtually from his Ganabhaban official residence, the Prime Minister said more digital technologies were being used in all areas of land servicing, including online khatian collection, inheritance calculators and online databases, to ensure a “land service at your fingertips”.

“Our goal is to conduct a hundred percent e-change process and fully digitize the land management system of Bangladesh,” she said.

Under the chairmanship of Lands Minister Saifuzzaman Chowdhury, Lands Secretary Md Mustafizur Rahman gave a welcome speech.

The Ministry of Lands held the opening ceremony of Bhumi Bhaban, upazila and union land office buildings, land development tax online payment system and land database in the Osmani Memorial Auditorium of the capital.

The newly constructed Bhumi Bhaban in the Tejgaon area of ​​the capital is expected to be a one-stop service center for land-related services.

At the start of the ceremony, two video documentaries – one related to land management and reform taken by the country’s founding president Sheikh Mujibur Rahman as well as the digitization of land documents by the current government and another on newly built buildings built and development activities – were projected to function.

To facilitate hassle-free services to the people, all land-related offices will now be housed under the roof of this bhaban.

Earlier, on September 18, 2014, during her visit to the Ministry of Lands, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina ordered all relevant departments and agencies to come together under one roof and take steps to provide one-stop service To the population.

To comply with his directives, an initiative has been taken to construct a building complex at a cost of Tk 184 crore to house all the offices and agencies under the Ministry of Lands.

The Land Reform Board, Land Appeal Board and Land Records and Survey Department of the Ministry of Lands were located at different locations in Dhaka city.

From now on, the newly constructed 13-storey building with two basements of 32,200 square meters will house these offices to facilitate the process of land-related services.

A day care center has also been established at the Bhumi Bhaban complex for the convenience of working women. In addition, the building is equipped with a sewage treatment plant system.

Also, a Bangabandhu corner and a mural of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman have been installed in the complex.

The Prime Minister said that his government wants to further modernize the land management system and that is why the government has constructed new office buildings at the union and upazila levels.

In this regard, she also raised the question as to why previous governments that came to power before the Awami League did not renovate or construct new buildings for the land office when these were in dilapidated condition.

Sheikh Hasina said the most ironic thing was that the BNP-Jamaat alliance in 2013 burned down many land offices across Bangladesh and also killed people including women and children by carrying out arson attacks on moving bus and other vehicles.

She continued that in fact, the BNP-Jamaat does not work for the people because it is the organization that seized power illegally and established the military dictatorship.

She went on to say, “They have no responsibility to the people and the country either. Power and making money from power as well as militancy, terrorism and corruption is their only job, and they have done it.

But, when the Awami League comes to power, it always tries to develop the socio-economic condition of people in the country, she said, adding, “It only became possible when AL is in power when we work with sincerity, a far-reaching ideology, policy and plan.

She said leaders and activists always stand with people since the liberation war and in other necessities.

But, she said, “Those who come flying and sit in power don’t have that responsibility.” . . they transform power into a place of pleasure and a money-making machine. They don’t focus on the people of the country and that’s the reality.

Referring to the initiative to build new offices across the country, the head of government said that at present, deputy commissioners (territories) have been assigned to almost all the upazilas in the country and that at the same time time, vehicles were provided to them to accomplish their mission. official functions, inspection and conduct of mobile courts.

“With the appointment of deputy commissioners (territories) in almost one hundred percent upazilas with vehicles, the dynamism of land administration has increased and it becomes possible to provide the desired service to the people,” said she noted.

As part of digital land management, she said the government has already set up an online khatian collection system, which allowed the landowner to collect the khatian sitting at home.

Stating that virtual recording halls have been created with about 4.92 crore of digitized khatian all over Bangladesh, she said that anyone can grab the desired khatian from this digital recording hall for free.

The Prime Minister said that in the 8th five-year plan, the government has emphasized digitized land management as part of its land administration development strategy.

In this regard, she indicated that three digitization projects had been undertaken to improve and standardize land management.

These are the Land Management Automation Project, the Digital Cadastre Capacity Building of the Directorate of Cadastre and Cadastre and the National Digital Land Zoning Project based on mouzas and plots, which will be implemented In the coming years.

She hoped that “with the completion of these three projects, a historic and sea change will take place in the land management of Bangladesh and a complete digitalization of the overall management will be possible”.

The Prime Minister said each of the five projects, inaugurated under the auspices of the Ministry of Lands, would play a leading role in bringing services to the doorsteps of the people.

She said that under the old system, a landowner had to go to the union’s land office to pay the land development tax, but the new method would allow the landowner to pay the tax without going to the office.

Sheikh Hasina revealed that out of about 3 crore holdings in Bangladesh, data entry work of about one crore holding has been completed while work on the remaining holding entries is ongoing.

“Once the project is implemented, a citizen will be able to get all the information related to land development tax from anywhere and anytime,” she said.

The Prime Minister added, “You can also pay it online and get the dakhila (submission) online. It will save you time and money, as well as harassment.

She said grassroots people come to Tahsil offices to receive services and that is why a project to build 1,496 union level land offices is being implemented to ensure the service to the people.

The construction works of 995 union land offices have already been completed, she said, adding that the construction of 129 upazila land offices, out of 139, was also carried out to provide better services and preserve land documents.

Gregory M. Roy