Hurricane Preparedness with the Texas General Land Office

Alright, so now we’re here live. Am I right? Yeah. We are going to the interview now. Right? Yeah. OK. We have Shannon Longoria with GLO. If you just want you can, you can tell the exact name to viewers who are familiar with it. But after that, we’ll start. We’re gonna talk, I just showed you hurricanes and storms, everything else, but she’s gonna leave us It never hurts to remember all the time what to do if we’re in a season month hurricanes. We’ll start with risk to risk. If you remember, you can increase the business.

Yes, it’s the Texas General Land Office. Yes, and we administer $14.3 billion and disaster mitigation funding in response to eight federal disasters. And so we’re very aware of what it takes to be prepared and stay prepared. And as you know, we can go from drought to flood in days. And so having a return saying prepared is super important. And we have about five ways to do it. We have that on our [email protected] that we talked about.

Cool. And he talked about Yeah, we go from dry to wet. Because that’s what hurricanes do, one of their purposes is to bring moisture to places and water that doesn’t get it, we don’t want to deal with rising winds . But staying on track here I guess. Evacuation plan? Can you talk a bit about that?

I think the best thing you can do is just find out where the shelters are, find out if they take pets, find out where the storm is heading. And that way you don’t travel in the storm, because storms change quickly. So stay informed. And we have a great Swift 911 system here. And I think you can text 99538, Texas with nine. Yes, because our local emergency management coordinators are super prepared and you know, stay in touch, stay on Facebook. We also have a list of all national organizations like NOAA where you can receive alerts to help you stay informed.

Alright, very important that we continue to drill at home. Thus, it becomes part of your memory supplies. What do we need to prepare for storms, these hurricanes are a month into the season. Well, we suggest about three days worth of supplies and non-perishables and things you would need on the road if you are going camping. So just prepare a travel bag, I mean, just a simple bag that you can just grab and take in an emergency.

Alright, perfect. Secure documents, you don’t want them to get out of control, what is your process for securing and documents?

Yeah, a lot of times we forget the things that we’d really need in case something bad happened, say the water came up and all of a sudden, and a lot of times we might have our documents in a firebox or in filing cabinets or whatever, and they can be destroyed very easily. So we suggest you put them in a bag of documents and we have them, we distribute them and all the counties we serve have them here in Victoria. Just put your medications in there, even your pet’s documents, birth certificates, passports, any identifiable things that even help you we might suggest photos of your family in case there’s some sort of separation and if you’re in a shelter, pictures of your pets, that sort of thing. Everything you need. Yes, a huge bag protects everything.

And we have a checklist here too. So that kind of helps you. I know I’m better with checklists and in an emergency or if you’re in a rush, often times it’s best to have like a checklist to make sure you have everything you need.
need, like Shannon Longoria with brilliance. I was going to touch on protector property, but that also covers protecting your property. We want to thank her for coming. And remember we’re a month into hurricane season, listening with Shannon Longoria had to say and we’ll be better off here at a crossroads.


Gregory M. Roy