Land Governance Summit: Land Use and Productivity in the Spotlight

Land use and productivity were in the spotlight when the KwaZulu-Natal government and Amakhosi convened a land governance summit, aimed at unlocking future economic growth.

The two-day summit, currently taking place at the Durban Olive Convention Centre, aims to find innovative solutions for equitable and productive land use to facilitate community development.

The summit mobilizes public sector land administration and management actors, including the private sector and civil society, for a collective review and improvement of the effectiveness of land administration and management in the province.

Actors in land use administration and management will determine whether KwaZulu-Natal Province can succeed in reversing apartheid spatial settlement patterns and addressing poverty in rural areas.

Addressing delegates on the first day of the summit on Tuesday, KwaZulu-Natal Premier Sihle Zikalala noted that the province has rural areas where people live far from government services.

“These communities often find themselves in inaccessible and poorly surveyed areas and therefore do not respect land regulations in this regard, which is partly due to the injustices of apartheid, which saw millions of Africans abandoned in areas inhospitable.

“Through this summit, we aim to promote integration and collaboration among land governance actors, which will help us address past injustices,” Zikalala said.

He called for the full implementation of the Spatial Planning and Development Act (SPLUMA), which provides a framework for spatial planning and land use management in the country. .

According to Zikalala, through the proper implementation of land use planning laws, the provincial government of KZN will ensure that the province has a credible system to determine population density in specific areas and avoid placement. random number of people on plots of land that are not surveyed.

“It will also result in increased credibility of any budget allocation made by the government to development based on population size,” the prime minister said.

Chairman of the Provincial House of Traditional Leadership of KZN, Inkosi Chiliza, presented a position paper drafted by Amakhosi, which will be discussed on the second day of the summit.

Chiliza said that the institution of traditional leadership has an important role to play in administering land and implementing measures that will ensure good governance of land for the benefit of communities.

The summit is being held under the theme “Towards effective land administration for early release of land for priority development, integrated land use management and unified land tenure management, accessible compliance and enforcement services in one-stop land development offices in the districts”.

(With contributions from the South African government press release)

Gregory M. Roy