Land Services Dept., DATCP: Shop for local evergreen produce to protect yourself from invasive species

For Chief Tomahawk

WISCONSIN – The Lincoln County Land Services Department and Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) last week reminded buyers to inspect evergreen products for signs of invasive species before purchasing .

“In previous years, state officials have found evergreen decorations infested with invasive species imported into Wisconsin from other states,” a statement from the Land Services Department said. “Elongated Hemlock Scale (EHS) is one such invasive species that has been found on imported evergreen products in recent years and poses a threat to evergreen forests and farms in Wisconsin. “

The ministry noted that purchasing locally grown evergreen produce and inspecting evergreen settings for signs of invasive species can help slow their spread.

“To identify EHS, look for discolored needles and small, oblong, brown mealybugs under the needles,” the DATCP said.

The DATCP has requested that EHS suspicions on fir wreaths or Christmas trees be reported to the DATCP pest control hotline at 866-440-7523. The DATCP also requested that the photos be emailed to [email protected].

“There are many Christmas tree farms in the Northwoods of Wisconsin that sell not only trees, but also garlands, wreaths and bows,” the department noted.

The Christmas Tree Growers Association has a list of these companies available online at

Gregory M. Roy