Land services improve with the launch of the application: Ministry

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Jan. 09, 2022, 9:21 a.m.

Public land services are expected to improve a lot with the online app launched last week.

This would allow landowners to obtain the Register of Rights (RoR) and a map through the apps, Land Ministry officials said.

The app would allow landowners to pay all types of fees including RoR app (khatian / porcha), land development fee (LD) and electronic registration via mobile financial services (MFS), Land secretary Mustafizur Rahman told FE on Saturday.

He said landowners would get the services without going to the land offices.

When a customer requests terrestrial RoR or maps through digital services from their phone or computer, they can get the documents at their doorstep, he added.

The postal service would deliver it to customers at their homes through the postal service, the land secretary said.

The ministry has also set up a call center that customers can use to request to receive terrestrial RoR and cards through their regular phones instead of smartphones.

“Property owners can also obtain the service by simply calling 16122. The hotline operator will apply on behalf of clients. The application process will only take 4 minutes.”

Anyone can request Khatian or Mouza Map within 4 minutes by calling 16122. Anyone can pay the fee immediately. Planning tax can also be paid in the same way, a senior official said.

The fees can be paid through digital financial services such as Nagad, Rocket, bKash and Upay or by any debit or credit card, he added.

In addition to calling 16122, landowners can also apply in person by visiting the Land Department’s web platform (, or through the Land Department’s Bhumi-Seba mobile app. or with the help of the Union Land Office.

“After completing the application, the applicant will get ID and delivery date by SMS after fee payment by MFS. On the specified date, the Bangladesh Postal Service representative will deliver the RoR or card to the applicant’s address, “the official said.

He said any citizen can view RoR from any location in the virtual check-in room. In addition, he can get a certified copy of the land documents at the counter by paying 50 Tk, and at their door by paying an additional 40 Tk as a fee.

Land Secretary Mustafizur Rahman said they have already integrated land services under a digital platform (like e-porcha, electronic registration, LD tax system and virtual hearing) in the past 2-3 years.

Digitization would help reduce corruption and make the government more accountable to the people, he said.

In addition, citizens now have the option of depositing fees directly to the Treasury via the MFS and collecting duplicate carbon receipts (DCRs) online without visiting land offices.

This will significantly reduce the cost and the suffering of the people, the secretary said.

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Gregory M. Roy