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Farmers are advised to watch for symptoms such as fever and reluctance to move their livestock. West Central Local Land Services has had a confirmed case of three-day illness, also known as Bovine Ephemeral Fever (BEF) diagnosed in Coonamble District. The agency said it is an important disease of livestock transmitted by biting insects that appears periodically in our district, especially during or after a wet summer. Jillian Kelly, a veterinarian with the Midwest Local Land Services District, said the symptoms of BEF were fever, inappetence, depression and reluctance to move. ALSO MAKING NEWS: “Animals affected usually recover within a few days – hence the name three-day sickness – but some animals, especially heavy animals such as bulls and cows, may take longer to get up and, in severe cases, can die”. says Dr. Kelly. Reports from areas further north and east that have already experienced the BEF wave indicate that symptoms are more severe than in previous outbreaks and cattle are showing more pronounced neurological signs. “With the high price of inventory and the focus on rebuilding the herd, producers will be looking for ways to prevent this disease, alleviate symptoms and minimize losses,” Dr Kelly said. “Although there is a vaccine on the market, it is now too late to provide immunity to livestock in our region.” Insect prevention using a combination of backline products, insecticidal ear tags and by providing cut areas where livestock can escape long grass can be Once animals are affected by BEF, anti-inflammatory medications and four-in-one flowpacks are helpful in treating symptoms and can help them recover faster. , BEF is sweeping in a wave of insects from southeast Queensland, so areas south and west of Coonamble should also be on the lookout for BEF in the coming weeks,” he said. she declared. Livestock health and disease management can be discussed with a local veterinary service, or speak to one of the LLS District Veterinarians on 1300 795 299. Our journalists work hard to provide local, up-to-date news to the community . Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:


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