Local North Shore land departments call for koala habitat refuges – News Of The Area

North Macleay – Nambucca Koala Project area.

NORTH Coast Local Land Services invites expressions of interest from landowners interested in protecting key koala habitat in the North Macleay-Nambucca Koala Regionally Significant Area.

Applications must be submitted by midnight on February 25.

Successful landowners will be eligible for technical advice and funding to improve koala habitat on their property through activities such as weed control, revegetation, fire management actions and more.

“We are looking for landowners who already have koala habitat on their property and are interested in enhancing and protecting that vegetation,” Asheley Goodwill, land services officer with local North Shore Land Services told News Of The Area.

“Koala populations are at high risk for a variety of reasons.

“Increasing urbanization and habitat loss have resulted in fragmented patches of poor quality koala habitat.

“Other threats, such as drought, fires, climate change, disease, vehicle collisions and dog attacks, further impact koala populations.

“Creating ‘habitat refugia’ in areas that are remote from and resilient to these threats is extremely important for the long-term persistence of koalas.

“As Nambucca Shire residents know, the North Macleay-Nambucca area is home to important koala habitat and a much-loved koala population.

“The landowners who participate in this project will help protect this important population of koalas for future generations,” said Ms. Goodwill.

To be eligible for the project, your land must be privately owned, freehold and support a continuous ten-hectare parcel of koala habitat.

Properties with five hectares of intact koala habitat that adjoin a protected area, or a neighbour, will be considered after further literature review.

Landowners, whose property is eligible for the project, are encouraged to submit an expression of interest for the project as soon as possible.

Applications will be assessed under the North Shore Local Lands Services Koala Project.

The North Macleay-Nambucca Koala Significance Area covers the majority of Nambucca County, excluding the coastal strip south of Nambucca Heads to Scotts Head.

For more information on the project, visit https://bit.ly/NorthCoastKoala or contact [email protected].

This project is supported by Local Land Services, with funding from the Australian Government’s Environmental Restoration Fund.


Local land departments on the north coast are calling for the creation of habitats for koalas. Photo: Brian Adam.

Gregory M. Roy