Steigerwaldt Land Services ends busy harvest season | Local news

Ed Steigerwaldt remembers standing in these fields when they were only corn. But that was decades ago, when his father started Steigerwaldt Land Services.

“It’s a family business, yes,” Steigerwaldt said. “My father was a forester for the Wisconsin State Department of Natural Resources in 1957.”

It has become a popular place for many families to find their Christmas trees.

“They’re very loyal, you know,” Steigerwaldt said. “They’ll buy you trees almost year after year. For these reasons, you try to offer quality and do your best to provide people with great products.

Since taking over, Ed has had his fair share of challenges. Two years ago he had to put up deer fencing.

“I saw big trees 8 feet high, where the deer stand on their hind legs and eat all around and all there is is a two or three foot green top that they can’t achieve, ”he said.

But Steigerwaldt has people working all year round to make sure the quality of the trees stays the same.

Ed says they have about 300 acres of Christmas trees in the Tomahawk area. Even if you take just one of those acres, you’ll find plenty of perfect Christmas trees, like this one.

When Ed isn’t working in the office, he’s out in the field making sure all the trees are ready for next year.

“We always have to think about the future,” Steigerwaldt said. “So yes, there will be thousands – we planted about 25,000 trees again in the spring.”

The harvest season is already over, so things are drawing to a close for Steigerwaldt. Any trees you see still standing are being kept for next year.

“This is what makes me happy and proud,” Steigerwaldt said. “We like to have a great product, and they are great beautiful trees.”

You can find Steigerwaldt trees outside the main office on Fourth Street in Tomahawk.

Gregory M. Roy