Three million people receive land services in 8 months by calling 16122

About three lakh people received land-related services by calling land service hotline 16122 and commenting or posting on Facebook site in the first eight months of this year.

The National Land Service’s call center service is known as “Citizen Land Service 24/7”.

In addition, some 7.5 lakh domestic calls have been dropped from the Citizen Land Service 24/7 hotline 16122 in the past eight months, according to a press release issued by the Land Ministry.

The number of discarded calls made from abroad during the period to the long code 880 9612-316122 is approximately 5,400, while some 10,000 follow-up calls were made by calling back service receivers.

Around 12,000 posts and comments were answered on the social media page.

Citizens can receive land services through the 16122 helpline and other digital services without visiting land offices, the statement from the Ministry of Lands says, adding that it has significantly reduced the financial expenditure and suffering of people. .

Opportunities for abuse of power and corruption by unscrupulous government officials have been greatly reduced, he added.

The Citizen Land Service’s 24/7 call center is operated under the overall supervision of the Department of Lands. Qualified and experienced land law, management and surveying officers working within the Ministry of Lands and its offices/agencies are responsible for preparing and providing answers, suggestions and possible solutions to queries received over the telephone and on social networks.

A private company experienced in the management of international call centers is in charge of the operator and the technical management of the call center.

Citizen Land Service’s popular 24/7 services for landowners include receiving Right Records (ROR/ Khatiyan/ Porcha) and Land Maps by post to doorstep, paying ROR fees and transfer and land development tax from anywhere, request for transfer, queries on the ground laws and regulations and receipt of various complaints, etc.

On October 10, 2019, Lands Minister Saifuzzaman Chowdhury inaugurated the small-scale “Land Service Hotline 16122”. The hotline handled about 1 lakh calls till December 2021.

Gregory M. Roy