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Get ready for great farming ideas. Planning is underway for the first Big Tech Big Ideas conference of the Midwest Local Land Departments scheduled for February. The event will present the latest agricultural technologies in the field of crops and livestock. In addition to the conference to be held at the Dubbo Regional Theater and Congress Center, there will be a field trip to the Trangie Agricultural Research Center. The field day and conference will include presentations on the latest green-on-green spraying, drones and weed mapping, as well as integrating telemetry and weather stations into field crops. ALSO IN THE NEWS: Rohan Leach, mixed farming advisor, oversees the livestock component of agricultural technology exhibits. “Producers will be able to see demonstrations of automatic weighing systems and mechanical sheep handling technology during the field day,” said Leach. “On the conference side of the event, we have some excellent speakers and panelists, including Mark Mortimer from CentrePlus Merinos who will be speaking about herd management and genetics in his Merino stud and how the labels of Electronic IDs have revolutionized his business. Cultivation officer Tim Bartimote is helping organize the cultivation component of the event and said he hopes this will help local producers understand how agricultural technology could potentially be used on the farm. “Weed control will be an important part of our paddock demonstrations,” said Mr. Bartimote. “We have some exciting updates on how machine learning and hands-on know-how can join forces to reduce the costs of chemicals in growing crops. Big Tech Big Idea will take place February 8-9. Register your interest through the Central West LLS website. Our reporters work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:



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